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Sling Swivel Loop Push Button

Item No :SCKMA-01

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Feature Specification FAQ

Direct Install on KeyMod Handguard Rail, Push Button

Easy to Use, 6061 Alloy Alu Mount base, Steel Sling Ring 

  • Length:36mm (1.4 inch, mount base)
  • Length:44mm (1.7 inch, loop ring)
  • Weight:38g (1.3 ounce)
  • Material:6061 alloy aluminum mount base
  • Material:Steel for push button sling ring
  • Direct install on keymod handguard rail
  • Quick detach QD in-and-out from mount base
  • It is a must for sling attachment
  • Four different angles' installation for sling loop ring
  • Designed for real firearms
  • Qualified made for tactical purpose
  • Fitting:hex key, brief instruction

How to measure correctly for scope ring height ?


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